Become a Member of DinnerGift

Clients can buy gift vouchers from your culinary establishment more easily, faster and at any time and place

Sell gift vouchers online

Sell easy and quickly online gift vouchers online.

Sell through 3 different channels

Not only through our platform but also through your own website and facebook, you can sell gift vouchers using our iframe.

Open 24/7

Through DinnerGift you can sell gift vouchers at any given moment. If customers need a last minute gift, they can have a printed coupon with a simple click of the button. Furthermore you can never run out of gift vouchers.

Try 3 months for free

Subscribe your establishment now and try 3 months without service fee. After you also continue without fixed monthly costs.

Receive monthly earnings

Each month the earnings of your gift vouchers will be transferred to your establishment’s bankaccount. You don’t need to wait until the gift voucher is collected to receive the money you are entitled to. When the gift voucher expires, the money is for the establishment and not for DinnerGift.

Transparant prices

In exchange for this service DinnerGift will receive 5% of the earnings.

Request a personal page

Quickly request a personal page for your establishment. Next we will create a fully finished page which you can edit and manage later on. In addition, you will get your own gift voucher that is customizable in function of your culinary establishment. According to your taste or based on the layout of your existing website, you can change color and add your personal logo.


Because the customer can purchase a gift voucher online, you will no longer lose time by have to send them the voucher

Easily manage gift vouchers

Through DinnerGift you can easily check and validate your gift vouchers.

No fraud

Each gift voucher has a unique code so it can only be used once. Our system records which voucher has already been used and, which is expired.

Questions & Answers

Who can join DinnerGift?

Every culinary establishment offering food and/or drinks, can join the platform.

Is the use of DinnerGift for free?

As an establishment you do not need to pay a fixed monthly cost to DinnerGift. In exchange for the offered services of DinnerGift, DinnerGift will receive 5% of the earnings. This service fee includes administrative costs, the use of the platform and cost for the maintenance of the platform and creation of new features that can be very costly for individual business owner.

How can I join as establishment?

Click on ‘Subscribe as culinary establishment’ and request a page for your establishment. Next DinnerGift will create a full page based on your data which you can edit and manage later on. After the establishment is validated, it will go online and clients can buy gift certificates.

When will I get paid for my sold gift certificates?

The earnings of your gift certificates reduced by the service fee will be monthly transferred to your bankaccount. You don’t need to wait until the gift card is collected. The payout can be delayed by 10 days due administrative and safety procedures. Each month you can download the invoices at “Invoices”.

Are my sold Gift certificates subjected to VAT?

The DinnerGift certificates are exempt from VAT pursuant to art. 44 § 3, 10°. The VAT authorities regard gift certificates as a means of payment. From the moment the DinnerGift certificate is used, you need to pay VAT to the VAT authorities depending on the goods/services sold.